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Jun. 20th, 2017 15:11
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 I had a dream in which Dick Grayson was a transboy and gave birth to Damian when he was 14.  I kinda like it.  Maybe I will write a fic based on this premise to squick people one day. 

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Jun. 20th, 2017 15:09
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 Sweet people play best villians.  See Mark Hamill and Joker.  Or Tom Hiddleston and Loki.  

5 things make a post

Jun. 19th, 2017 20:03
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1. Oh good, the new school year doesn't start for another three months and I'm already in "I am a failure compared to other people I know" mode. (I'm not planning to move until early/mid August -- the term starts late August -- and several people I know who are also starting grad school moved to their new cities this past week. I am reminding myself there's no reason to be there that far in advance when I know I won't be doing anything productive, and I'll just be paying rent and making my own food two months early.)

2. I do, I think, have a place in Atlanta, with a friend of a friend who was looking for a new roommate. We've been e-mailing for a few months and had a video chat last week, and she seems nice and this should work out. I do keep worrying about furniture and stuff, but she said I could send things there so I might end up buying furniture online and shipping it there in advance of my arrival.

2a. I still have not made, like, concrete plans on how to get my belongings from point A to point B. I should...do that...eventually...I guess.

3. I feel terrible about the fact that my personal crisis and breakup coincided with, you know, the American political crisis, and they definitely fed off each other in ways that I don't really want to examine too closely -- I mean, my reactions to both did, I guess, obviously my personal life was not affecting American politics. But it definitely affected the way I reacted to it, and the emotional and mental energy I had (have) to deal with it. I don't know, there's not really a point to this.

4. I've been fighting a lot with my father lately, and it's exhausting and demeaning and awful. And it's not even fighting, per se, or maybe it is -- like, the other day he came up to my room because we're having an internet problem and he wanted to see how my connection is, then stayed in my room looking around at my art and figurine displays after I asked him to please get out of my room. "No, I want to see your things." "This is making me uncomfortable." (At this point he's walking around my room; also, I feel like I should add that I have a fair number of Star Wars pinups in my room, so like, my father looking at sexy ladies? V. uncomfortable.) "Why? I want to look at your little things. Obviously you want them to be looked or you wouldn't have put them up, don't be so sensitive." "They're here because I want to look at them and this is making me uncomfortable." "Don't be so sensitive or get out of my house." Etc.

And then yesterday I made a comment about having already done my exercise for the day and my dad said, "What, did you walk downstairs and then up again?" and I, well, overreacted and said, "This is why I don't do anything when you or mom are at home, because you always make fun of me!" "No one is making fun of you, don't be so sensitive." "You literally just did!" "I just made a comment, don't be so sensitive." And then I went upstairs and cried and tried to figure out if I really had overreacted.

So that's been happening a lot lately.

5. I am moving to Atlanta in August, so I'm trying to decide if I want to go to Dragon*Con or not. I've never go to a con besides Star Wars Celebration, and I'm not sue if I actually know anyone who's already going or not, so... *hands* Also, I can't figure out from the website if I can go for just one day or if I have to pay for the whole weekend? I am probably missing something obvious.


Jun. 15th, 2017 11:52
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 I absolutely cannot stomach cishet romance.  In our culture,  it is default to portray f/m relationships with fem sub and male dom.  Male characters often make casual gestures of dominance and ownership towards female characters. This is supposted to be sexy,  but instead alarm starts to ring in my head,  as this shows the male character does not consider the female one another human but rather an object. Even in the rare cases when the male does not try to dominate the female the physical possibility of such behaviour makes me uncomfortable. Generally the only het couples that are accepted by my brain are the ones where it is stated that the female is a dom and the male is a sub,  and they are happy with it. In any other cases my brain starts to panic. 

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Jun. 14th, 2017 13:46
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My most hated people are cis gatekeepers.  You know them.  Doctors,  psychiatrists,  judges,  policemen,  who talk shit like below.
“I don’t see long hair, a dress,  high heels,  make up  or painted nails, therefore I will never call you a woman. "
“I see you have a boyfriend.  Therefore you are a woman,  not a man.”
“I aknowledge you are a man,  but you have a child,  and we cannot permit them being bullied for having a trans parent. ”
“You are sexually active.  If you were a true transwoman,  you would have hated your body so much you wouldn’t have been able to be intimate.”
“You are neurodivergent,  mentally disabled or mentally ill,  therefore you are not capable of understanding the concept of gender. ” (I absolutely hate this one.  When I was young I knew a transboy with Down syndrome who was blatant about being a boy,  and his parents laughed this off and kept talking about how mysogyny is integrated in our culture to affect a disabled kid. )
And finally,  “Two Spirit (or any other non Western gender identity, but often Two Spirit) is a New Age bullshit.  No,  I refuse to to read materials you provide me on this topic.”
The worst thing is,  some transgender people seem to believe all of this. WHY? Do you hate yourselves so much?  Do you want to be conditionally accepted at the expense of other trans people?

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Jun. 13th, 2017 00:01
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 It happened.  Fandom bullshit made me blacklist Wonder Woman,  Black Panther,  and MCU on tumblr.  I am beyond pissed,  and also glad I have this blog. 

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Jun. 11th, 2017 13:55
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 Marvel superheroes in a cruel few words 
Iron Man: alcoholic, probably shouldn’t be in that armour
Hulk: shot into space by Iron Man
Thor: conquered Earth,  reset time to cover his edgy phase 
Captain America: Bucky’s origin story 
Black Widow: chronic backstabbing syndrome 
Hawkeye: you mean Kate?
War Machine: Better and Improved Iron Man 
Falcon: Better and Improved Captain America
Scarlet Witch: delusional genocider
Quicksilver: fanatical genocider
Vision: ungrateful daddy of Tommy and Billy
Ant-Man: Stature’s origin story 
Wasp: dead 
Black Panther: Storm’s love interest
Spider Man: hoo boy prepare for a world of hurt

DC superheroes in a cruel few words 
Superman: total jerk
Batman: ephebophile
Wonder Woman: bondage freak
Green Lantern: idiot
Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg: forgetable
Supergirl: incestous asshole
Robin: twink bondage freak


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