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✽ the Saltmaster Extraordinaire ([personal profile] rhodanum) wrote2020-08-26 03:27 am
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Always the First Step » [introduction]

friends. only. journal.

Locked ► personal issues, various fandom ramblings, recent events.
Unlocked ► memes, random videos, more impersonal posts.
If you'd like to friend me, drop me a note and I'll consider adding you.

I've zero patience for fandom policing ('how dare you ship that!' / 'how dare you write that!' / 'why aren't you overwhelmingly writing about Popular Ship du Jour!') and all its assorted nonsense. I also don't tolerate an assortment of other 'Tumblrisms' such as the sudden screaming against 'queer', the rabid hatred of asexual / aromantic people and the policing of communities on the basis of knee-jerking and personal discomfort. All of the above shite is what killed Tumblr as a fandom platform for me, I've no interest in dealing with it on Dreamwidth as well.

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